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  • Summer Hats

    It’s been a long time since hats were in style. All men used to wear real hats – they weren’t... View Article

  • Polo Shirts

    The polo shirt’s roots are in tennis but it has certainly evolved a long way from there. Although the look... View Article

  • Spring Boss Orange

    Spring has arrived once again at MacDermott’s and with the warmer weather comes the shorter sleeves and lighter weight fabrics.... View Article

  • Sport Shirts

    Sport shirts have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They have given men a stylish way to... View Article

  • Boss Green Label

    Boss Green Label is the premium sportswear collection. It is for men with a relaxed and modern lifestyle looking for... View Article

  • Neckwear

    Men’s fashion this fall/winter continues to revive the classic, dressier looks. A tie used to carry a very conservative image,... View Article